Who We Are

We are immigrants, 1st-3rd generation Americans, and long-term citizens — all committed to creating a culture of welcoming and belonging.

Kirsten Cappy, Executive Director & Co-Founder (center, bottom)
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Pam Remy, Director of Operations (center, top)
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Melia Coletta, Director of Development (right)
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Marienne Love Mubussi, Book Processor (left)

Photo by Mark Mattos Photography

Board Officers:

Kimberly Simmons, Ph.D

Board Chair, Affiliated Scholar, USM Women and Gender Studies

Xavier Botana

Board Vice Chair, Retired School Superintendent

Tim Wyand

Board Treasurer, Financial Advisor

Board Members:

Pious Ali

City Councilman, Portland Empowered

Jen Boggs

Writer, Researcher, Public Relations, Toderico Creative

Deqa Dhalac

Maine State Representative, Co-Founder Cross Cultural Community Services

Audrey Maynard

Co-Founder, Children’s Book Editor and Educator

Charles Mugabe

Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services Case Worker

Advisory Board:

Dr. Krista Aronson, Ph.D

Founding Board Member, Director Diverse BookFinder, Bates College Professor and Associate Dean of Faculty

Amy MacDonald

Founding Board Member, Author, Community Organizer

Maria Testa

Founding Board Member, Author, Poet, Activist


Pious Ali

Co-Founder, City Councilman, Portland Empowered

Kirsten Cappy

Co-Founder, Executive Director

Katherine G. Cutko

Co-Founder, Public Librarian, Social Worker

Terry Farish

Co-Founder, Author, New Arrival Literacy Coordinator

Delanie Honda

Co-Founder, ELL Educator

Reza Jalali

Co-Founder, Author, Educator, Storyteller

Anne Sibley O’Brien

Co-Founder, Author/Illustrator, Diversity Advocate


Michelle Amato

PINE Project Educator

Kirsten Cappy

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Melia Coletta

Director of Development

Leela Marie Hidier

Intellectual Freedom Intern

Marienne Love Mbussi

Book Room Manager

Dhananji Rathnayake

Communications Intern

Pam Remy

Director of Operations