How do we celebrate Black immigrant experiences?

By supporting Indigo Arts Alliance’s Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book Festival as a founding partner.

About the Festival

During the two summers of the pandemic, Indigo Arts Alliance formed an astounding team of artists, educators, and community members to create videos and activities that celebrated Black children’s books and creators from across the African Diaspora. Not only did readers nationwide have free access to video read alouds, creator interviews, and art activities, but locally 3,000 readers were given their very own copies of the featured books.

Black Immigrant Stories Celebrated

I’m Your Neighbor Books was especially proud of the ways the festival honored the stories of recent African immigrants. Explore the books the festival featured and their powerful companion materials:

Support the Festival

Discover how you can donate to support the festival’s astounding community impact or how you can sponsor the annual event.

“Research shows that children in communities where English is not the primary language are at risk of missing early literacy skills and entering school at a deficit. These early deficits can have psychological, social, and economic consequences. Additionally, Black children are less likely to encounter books that depict their own life experiences. This is a critical gap since children are better able to retain and recall plot and character information after reading books featuring characters that mirror themselves. The Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book Festival addresses this gap.”
–Dr. Krista Aronson, I’m Your Neighbor Books Board Member