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“Each page reveals the many ways in which […] families have shaped America—and continue to do so—as they share the values they hold dear. Freeman’s stunning illustrations drive the story home […] adding texture, depth, and color. Will inspire a closer look at America’s rich history—and the myriad experiences of Americans.”
Kirkus Reviews

I’m an American

Written by Darshana Khiani
Illustrated by Laura Freeman
Published by Penguin Young Readers Group

What does it mean to be American?

A classroom of children across many races, cultures, and origins explores the concept of Americanness as they each share bits of their family history and how their past has shaped their own personal American experience. Whether as new immigrants, or those whose family came to this country generations ago, or other scenarios, these children’s stories show some of the broad range of cultures and values that form the history and identity of our nation.

A beautifully depicted, thought-provoking look at the vast expanse of cultures that exists in America, the values that bring us together as one people despite our differences, and the many ways we define what it means to be an American.

Primary ISBN: 9780593464724
Publication Date: May 2023
Available As: Hardcover, eBook
Picture Book, Age 04 or older

Community Represented: , , , , , , ,

Themes: , , , , , , , , ,

Setting: United States

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Various

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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Activity: American Identity, Beliefs & Actions

EXPLORE the I’m An American Fold & Share

In a guided activity, readers of any age select:

  • 4 personal Identities from “Chinese” to “Best Friend”
  • 8 Beliefs from “Democracy” to “Free Ice Cream” and
  • 8 corresponding Actions to support their beliefs
  • After adding those Identities, Beliefs, and Actions to a provided template, the template gets folded into an interactive origami piece. The opening and closing of the origami folds allows two people to have a conversation about the Identities and Beliefs they share and how they can support those Beliefs together for a stronger America.
    Source: I’m Your Neighbor Books

    Educators Guide

    EXPLORE Lesson Plans & Ideas
    Source: Melissa Guerrette NBCT, M.ED. Grade 5 Teacher