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“A cozy story for the stomach and the soul.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Plátanos Are Love

Written by Alyssa Reynoso-Morris
Illustrated by Mariyah Rahman
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers

Abuela says, “plátanos are love.”
I thought they were food.
But Abuela says they feed us in more ways than one.

With every pop of the tostones, mash of the mangú, and sizzle of the maduros, a little girl learns that plátanos are her history, they are her culture, and—most importantly—they are love.

Primary ISBN: 9781665902731
Publication Date: April 2023
Available As: Hardcover,
Picture Book, Age 04 or older

Community Represented: , ,

Themes: , , ,

Setting: Unspecified

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Unknown Arrival

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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