Filipino/Filipino American

This is Not A Personal Statement

by Tracy Badua

Age 13 or older

Themes: Audiobook, Coming of Age, Cross-Group Friendship, Family Relationship: Parents, Generation: 1st, Own Voices/Lived Experience

We Belong

by Cookie Hiponia Everman

Age 10 or older

Themes: Engagement Tool: Audio or Podcast, Family Relationship: Parents, Genre: Fantasy & Folklore, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Recommended: Counterpoint to AAPI Hate, Refugee: Persecution

When Lola Visits

by Michelle Sterling

Age 04 or older

Themes: Cultural Empowerment & Joy: Food, Family Relationship: Grandparents, Generation: 2nd, Generational Differences, Multiracial Identity, Welcoming Library: Core Picture Books (Current)