Welcoming Library on the Fourth of July

We love that this public library used the most patriotic day in America to talk about New Americans! “I intentionally requested the library near the 4th of July so I could tie it into people’s Independence day activities and created a Facebook post to advertise the library that reflected that.” —Berwick Public Library

Welcoming Library at the Social Justice Street Fair


Maine Initiatives invited I’m Your Neighbor Books to exhibit the Welcoming Library at their Social Justice Street Fair in Portland, Maine.     Kate Cutko and Kirsten Cappy of I’m Your Neighbor Books had wonderful conversations with attendees about the Welcoming Library’s ability to create productive dialogue about immigration. We were especially honored to have… Read more »

Libraries as Centers of Safety, Empathy, and Affirmation


In her introduction to the American Library Association’s Annual Conference panel “Unpacking the Immigrant Experience: Creating a Space for New Arrivals,” I’m Your Neighbor co-founder, Anne Sibley O’Brien voiced the pain and rage of the last year “for all who are concerned about immigrants.” “For all who are concerned about immigrants, it’s been a horrendous… Read more »

Welcoming Library Exhibit at ALA Annual Conference

Thank you to everyone that joined the conversation about the Welcoming Library at the ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair at the American Library Association’s Annual Conference! Your insight, your enthusiasm, and your professional and personal commitment to welcoming immigrants gives us the inspiration to move forward!

Welcoming Library at One Journey Festival

The I’m Your Neighbor’s Welcoming Library was exhibited alongside the Refugee Dolls project at the 1 Journey Festival in DC in June.  Honored to have the Refugee Dolls’ founder Jeanne Trabulsi acquire the first Welcoming Library to travel out of Maine, the project’s pilot state. The Refugee Doll Project Refugee dolls are educational tools to… Read more »