One Answer is Through Literature


Monica Edinger, a fourth-grade teacher in New York City, the author of Africa Is My Home: A Child of the Amistad, and blogger at Educating Alice, reviewed three I’m Your Neighbor-themed books for the New York Times Book Review.  In her opening and closing she spoke beautifully of the mission of these titles. “That the… Read more »

Harry Potter Welcomes Unaccompanied Minors


Reading Harry Potter increases tolerance? A new study conducted in Italy and England and published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology showed that young people that read J.K. Rowling’s series and discussed sections of the book that deal with prejudice showed improved attitudes towards immigrants, GBLTQ citizens, and other minority groups. More here. Imagine that…. Read more »

Recommended Reading List from School Library Journal

School Library Journal recently published a selection of books featuring experiences of war, both from the perspective of home and abroad. The selection is categorized by age and has both fiction and non fiction titles. This list includes books already featured on I’m Your Neighbor, such as Mali Under the Night Sky, Escaping the Tiger,… Read more »

I’m Your Neighbor at 2013 ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair


Last weekend I’m Your Neighbor took to the skies and traveled to Chicago for the 2013 American Library Association (ALA) Conference. I’m Your Neighbor was selected to be a presenter at the Diversity and Outreach Fair on Saturday afternoon, along side programs such as the Coretta Scott King Book Award Committee, REFORMA and the Chinese… Read more »

“I’m Your Neighbor” and Inclusion


By Anne Sibley O’Brien, Children’s Book Author & Illustrator, Author Adviser, I’m Your Neighbor, Blogger at COLORING BETWEEN THE LINES: REFLECTIONS ON RACE, CULTURE AND CHILDREN’S BOOKS One issue that is likely to surface in a discussion of building bridges between “new arrival” and “long-term communities” is: Who is identified as part of each community?… Read more »

Teaching Islam and the Middle East in the Classroom

While I’m Your Neighbor Books provides a recommended list of books to read about other cultures, we don’t always have then answers to how to use these titles. Some titles have educator’s guides and resources available with discussion topics, but others do not. The mission of this project is to encourage readers to explore cultures… Read more »

I’m Your Neighbor, Portland


STORIES build understanding. UNDERSTANDING builds neighborhoods. NEIGHBORHOODS build a strong city. I’m Your Neighbor is currently piloting a community-wide read in the city of Portland, Maine. I’m Your Neighbor, Portland features nine books, both fiction and non-fiction, set in Maine and written by regional authors.  The collection of books feature multicultural friendships and immigration stories… Read more »

Maine’s New Arrivals Featured in 7 Books


Maine authors, illustrators, and publishers have opened their notebooks, sketchbooks, and curiosity to the arrival of “new neighbors.”  Seven books have been released in the past few years depicting the growing cultural diversity of “the whitest state in the nation” through the arrival of students, business people, refugees, and secondary migrants from all over the… Read more »

The Good Braider Celebrated in Portland, Maine

You are Invited to a Celebration for: THE GOOD BRAIDER A Novel by Terry Farish Set in Portland’s Sudanese Community Thursday, 11/8/12 @ 7:00 PM 7th Floor, Glickman Library University of Southern Maine Portland, Maine Free of Charge Info: Curious City, 207-420-1126 ABOUT THE BOOK “A masterful triumph of character and story.” -Naomi Shihab Nye In spare… Read more »

Author Profile: Maria Padian


We couldn’t quite wait until February to share Maria Padian’s latest book Out of Nowhere, which follows high school senior Tom Bouchard and the events that impact the Somali refugees his small Maine town after 9/11. Although you can’t find it on bookshelves just yet, hopefully this view into Maria’s inspiration for her title will… Read more »