New Guide: Engaging Children in a Conversation on Immigration, Welcoming, and Belonging.


I’m Your Neighbor Books offers this updated guide to having conversations on immigration, welcoming, and belonging. I’m New Here tells the story of how three resilient immigrant students (from Guatemala, Somalia, and Korea) strive to belong. Someone New tells the story of how three longterm students (two White, one African American) strive to make the… Read more »

Black Books Matter

As the country rings with the truth, “Black Lives Matter,” we all must work within our own spheres and communities to manifest that truth. “I was born in Nigeria, a country whose identity is deeply tied to its colonization and oppression by the British. After 20 years of living in America, I know that this… Read more »

Unum Celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

I’m Your Neighbor Books was honored to receive a donation from Unum, a leading provider of employee benefits products and services, in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. “Helping build stronger communities is one of our core values and is reflected in our long-standing tradition of giving back,” said Unum Employee Benefits Consultant Truc… Read more »

Immigration Literature & the Beautiful Blackbird Festival

While the I’m Your Neighbor Books’ immigration engagement tools —like the Welcoming Library —are used across the nation, our organization also works in the New Arrival/New American-rich city of Portland, Maine where we are based. We are proud to be a partner of Indigo Arts Alliance in the creation of the Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book… Read more »

In Solidarity

I’m Your Neighbor Books stands in solidarity with those protesting police brutality and systemic racism. We are an organization striving to create a more welcoming nation for immigrants through the sharing of anti-bias multicultural literature and community engagement. We have witnessed (some of us first hand) how immigrants find something in this country that they… Read more »

“We’re Part of the Human Family”: Faith Group Hosts Welcoming Library

I’m Your Neighbor Books was honored to lend a Welcoming Library to the Congregational Church in Cumberland, Maine. “Our faith teaches us to welcome a stranger and also to love our neighbors,” said Allison Smith, the church’s senior minister, adding that the library’s objective “just fits so beautifully.” READ MORE in the article by Alex… Read more »

Reading Immigration-Themed Books Builds Empathy for Refugees

“Over half of refugees are school‐aged children. In host communities, children’s attitudes and behaviours are important for the integration of refugee children. This study examines the empathy–attitudes–action model in middle childhood (N = 94, 8 to 11 years old). In both the experimental and control conditions, children were introduced to a (fictional) refugee and told… Read more »

Video: How Immigrants Shape(d) the United States

I’m Your Neighbor Books was honored to have been at the National Council of Teachers of English Conference to hear Nalini Krishnankutty speak. Here is her Tedx talk on, “How Immigrants Shape(d) the United States.”

Maine Citizen Gives In Honor of 2nd Grade Teacher


  I’m Your Neighbor Books launched their Welcoming Book Boxes fundraiser at Portland, Maine’s ArtWalk. The first person to give was an excellent Maine citizen who said, “anything with kids and books is good.” He asked that his donation honor, “my 2nd grade teacher Debbie Rosenberg who taught me to read.” Portland educator, Debbie Rosenberg,… Read more »

Welcoming Book Boxes for Maine’s Asylee Children


Families took a long and dangerous journey from the DRC, Angola, and other countries, across the ocean, through the mountains and jungles of Central America and Mexico, and to the southern U.S. border. Hearing that Portland, Maine was welcoming to asylum seekers and that the city had a small African immigrant community, over 300 Africans… Read more »