Appearance: Shenandoah Children’s Literature Conference: June 2019

Look for our mighty Virginia Ambassador Jeanne Trabulsi and her newly minted Welcoming Library at the Shenandoah Children’s Literature Conference from June 24-28th. Jeanne will be speaking about I’m Your Neighbor Books, the Welcoming Library, and her astounding project Refugee Dolls.

Interview with Lifelines


I’m Your Neighbor Books and the Welcoming Library were honored to be featured on Ann Braden and Saadia Faruqi’s podcast Lifelines: Books That Bridge the Divide. EXPLORE AND LISTEN Curious about the engagement tools we mentioned? Educators Guide for NOWHERE BOY Readers Theater for I’M NEW HERE and SOMEONE NEW

Readers Theater for Welcoming & Belonging


I’m New Here and Someone New are companion picture books by Anne Sibley O’Brien (Charlesbridge) about three immigrant children and their new classmates. The books tell two sides of the same story. I’m New Here focuses on the first day in an American school for Maria, Jin, and Fatimah and their proceeding few months of… Read more »

Muslim Student Reads Aloud and Fellow Students Cheer


The Welcoming Library was hosted by Maine’s LearningWorks for five weeks in the summer of 2018 to serve their summer school programming. When the I’m Your Neighbor team went to pick up the collection on the final day of summer school, an educator recounted this story. She was reading the picture book My Friend Jamal… Read more »

Appearance: Welcoming Interactive + Welcoming Economies Convening: May 2019

The Welcoming Interactive + Welcoming Economies Convening5/15/19 – 5/17/19Pittsburg, PA The Welcoming Library will join over 400 leaders from across the country who are building inclusive and prosperous communities by making everyone who lives there feel like they belong. The Welcoming Interactive + Welcoming Economies Convening merge cutting edge policies and innovative ideas from the… Read more »

Appearance: NCTE: November 2019

Creating a Welcoming Classroom with Immigration LiteratureFriday, November 22, 2019 11:00 a.m.-12:15 p.m.National Teachers of English (NCTE) ConferenceBaltimore, MD Educator and author Louise El Yaafouri (Refugee Classroom; The Newcomer Student) will moderate a panel of four authors and one book advocate, sharing ideas of how children’s literature (picture books through YA) can be used to… Read more »