Immigrant & New Generation Children’s Books

*Further Definition of the Books I’m Your Neighbor Books Collects

Time Period: I’m Your Neighbor Books only collects children’s book titles with Immigrant or New Generation characters who migrated or have been displaced from 1970-present from non-European countries. While there are beautiful books about historic migration, we seek to recognize the growing genre of modern multiracial and multicultural immigrant children’s literature and to encourage teaching that truly reflects our new immigrant communities.

Location: In general, I’m Your Neighbor Books collects children’s books set in the nation that an immigrant resettles in. We do not collect books set in an immigrant’s home country unless that country is part of the migration story or depicts a solid link to migration. For example, without a collection of books depicting Iraqi Americans, we have collected books about the Iraqi war that brought Iraqi immigrants to America. An additional exception is books set in refugee camps or other places of internal or external displacement.

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