Welcoming Library: Stack Collection

Identification of Existing Titles, Curated List of Additional Purchases, Conversation Starters & Wall Signage—Designed to Create a Genre Breakout on Existing Shelving

For the Welcoming Library: Stack Collection, I’m Your Neighbor Books helps you identify your previous Immigrant and New Generation children’s title acquisitions on your shelves and then recommends additional purchases to represent your local New Arrival and New Generation communities.

By then providing you with spine labels, cover stickers, custom bookplates, and wall signage, the Welcoming Library: Stack Collection invites you to relocate and highlight this unique and diverse genre.

“It was a joy to see our students’ eyes light up as they saw the stories of themselves and their classmates reflected in the pages of these books. Having a prominent and permanent ‘Welcoming Library’ [Stack Collection] in our library sends a message of welcoming and belonging for our students and families. It inspires curiosity in adults and children alike. Our teachers are reading these books to their students and kids are bringing these home to read with their families.”
Jennifer Stanbro, Maine School Librarian of the Year

Welcoming Library: Stack Collection services include:

  • Inventory Sheet with frontlist and backlist New Arrival and New Generation children’s books—all within your institution’s age/grade range. You check off what titles you already own in this emerging cultural genre.
  • Suggested Order prepared by IYNB based on your inventory sheet. You will be responsible for purchasing any new books through your standard channels.
  • Book Processing Materials including spine labels, cover stickers, and custom bookplates (500 of each) to affix to your existing, incoming, and future books within this genre. These multilingual stickers unite the books as a genre while delivering messages to your readers about welcoming and belonging.
  • Discussion Questions for 40+ core all-ages picture books on insertable labels. These Discussion Questions transform core picture books into conversation starters on immigration, welcoming, and belonging
  • Signage Design Files that read, “Read to Welcome. Read to Belong.” Sized to fit your space, the PDF will be ready to send to your local sign printer. You will be responsible for ordering and purchasing the provided sign files at your cost.
  • Bi-Annual Updates will be sent as a spreadsheet on 11/1 and 5/1 each year with all new titles listed and recommended books highlighted.

Discover More

  • Borrow a Welcoming Library: Traveling Collection for a month to experience our core picture books and discussion questions
  • Download the information sheet
  • Contact I’m Your Neighbor Books

Pricing & Funding

Grant language is available upon request.

Cost: $850