Defining Our Book List

I’m Your Neighbor Books’ curated book list is driven by the following definitions:

Timeline: Titles are all set post World War II

Setting: Migration stories from European countries are not included

Character’s New Arrival/New American Status:

  • In Home Country: Character’s story does not feature migration, but features themes that might lead to migration
  • Refugee: Forced by conflict or crisis to flee home country
  • Immigrant: Emigrates from one country to another
  • 1st Generation: Born in the new country / child of immigrant(s) or refugee(s)
  • 2nd Generation: Grandchild of immigrant(s) or refugee(s)
  • 3rd Generation: Great grandchild of immigrant(s) or refugee(s)
  • Unknown Arrival: Moved from one country to another but unclear when

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented:

  • Own Voices: Story is written or illustrated from within the community represented
  • Lived Experience: Author or illustrator, while not directly experiencing what they have depicted, has lived with the story, experience, or community
  • Written with Cultural Advisors: Author and/or illustrator had significant consultations with the community represented