Bienvenida e Integración/Welcoming & Belonging StoryWalk®

I’m Your Neighbor Books is honored to partner with the publisher Child’s Play Inc. and the nonprofit Welcoming America to offer a free StoryWalk designed to create conversations on immigrant welcoming and belonging.

What is StoryWalk®?

It is an international literacy movement that displays the pages of picture books on sequential signage in outdoor (and sometimes indoor) spaces. Spaced so you can walk or wheel between signs/pages, StoryWalk® adds a kinetic component to reading. The placement of a StoryWalk® in a community builds a surprising excitement about books and all the curiosity stories create.

Visit Let’s Move in Libraries and Barking Dog Exhibits to explore more about the movement and how StoryWalks can be displayed. The StoryWalk® Project was developed by Anne Ferguson in cooperation with the Kellogg Hubbard Library and the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition.

What is a Bienvenida e Integración/Welcoming & Belonging StoryWalk®?

I’m Your Neighbor Books and Welcoming America are two nonprofits that care deeply about creating spaces where immigrants are welcomed and where we all belong. I’m Your Neighbor Books does this work with children’s book engagement and has long admired the Spanish/English bilingual picture book Nieve en la jungla/Snow in the Jungle. The book explores the emotions of the character Nieve/Snow who has migrated to a new place, language, culture, and (hopefully!) to a new group of friends. Each of the Bienvenida e Integración/Welcoming & Belonging StoryWalk® signs has not only a page from the book; but also a bilingual conversation starter.

Welcoming America encourages you to use the Bienvenida e Integración/Welcoming & Belonging StoryWalk® in your Welcoming Week celebrations and throughout the year!

We thank Child’s Play Inc. for their generous permission to use this title as a StoryWalk and Banacom Sign for designing the StoryWalk signage.

What does this StoryWalk® look like?

You can see low resolution copies of the signage here. The quality is much lower than what you will receive as printable files.

How can you bring this StoryWalk® to your community?

When you register below, you will receive an automatic email reply. In that reply is a link to a Dropbox file. What will you find inside?

StoryWalk Signage Featuring: Nieve en la jungla/Snow in the Jungle written and illustrated by Ariane Hofmann-Maniyar and translated by Yanitzia Canetti (Child’s Play)
StoryWalk Signage Size: 24″ W x 18″ L
Number of Signs: 16
File Type: 16 individual high-resolution PDF’s

What can you do with these files? Print and display them! While you can print them anywhere, our partner Banacom Sign specializes in StoryWalk® printing and display options and can ship anywhere! Request a Banacom quote or simply email Jeff & Nicole!

What else should you know?

Customization: While you can print these files at any size you wish, our team cannot alter the file size.
Sponsorships: If you need to thank sponsors, feel free to make an additional sign. Please honor the creators of this StoryWalk® by displaying the last sign with information about our immigrant welcoming projects.
Copyright/Permission: The publisher Child’s Play has very generously waived the need for individual permission. You are NOT violating copyright by using this signage.
Display Permission: You can display these signs for five years from the time of your download.

How can you include a book giveaway?

Child’s Play Inc. has a $6.99 8″ x 8″ paperback version of Nieve en la jungla/Snow in the Jungle. If you email Laurie at Child’s Play and let her know you are using the StoryWalk, she will offer you 20% off on giveaway books.

StoryWalk® Registration

Thank you for your interest in bringing this Bienvenida e Integración/Welcoming & Belonging StoryWalk® to your community. Please fill out this form to receive access to the printable files.

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