Welcoming Library

Curated Children’s Book Collection

Every Welcoming Library Collection contains a curated collection of chidlren’s books that both reflects America’s diverse Immigrant and New Generation communities and your local communities. These collections are hand-selected to reflect your demographics.

Picture Books with Discussion Questions

Every Welcoming Library Collection contains a core collection of 30 acclaimed Immigrant and New Generation picture books with IYNB’s Discussion Questions embedded as high quality stickers on the back endpapers. Each unique question asks the reader to establish a personal reaction and/or connection to the story. Several of the questions provide a cultural framework within the question to give the discussion leader up-to-date language and information approved by the community depicted in the book. Educators have stated that the discussion questions increased their comfort in sharing a book outside of their culture and experience.

Book Processing

Every Welcoming Library Collection contains books processed for durability and to highlight the mission. Each book is highlighted with a cover sticker with “I’m Your Neighbor” in 10 languages, a spine label and a bookplate with the Welcoming Library’s mission statement and your customized message. Finally, each book jacket is wrapped in mylar.

Book Displays and/or Signage

Every Welcoming Library Collection contains display units and/or signage that bring the collection together in a single place to emphasize that these individual books are part of a large, diverse conversation on immigration. Each book display has signage that invites readers to both, Read to Welcome and Read to Belong and includes IYNB’s logo which is the phrase, “I’m Your Neighbor” in 10 languages.

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