Welcoming Library


100% of the Welcoming Library readers surveyed indicated a positive response to immigration.

67% said, “Reading this book reinforced my feeling that immigrants should be welcomed.”

42% said, “I feel inspired by this book and project to find a way to be actively welcoming.”


Each Welcoming Library contains 30 acclaimed picture books featuring New Arrival and New American families.

With each implementation, the curated collection adapts and grows to reflect national and local immigrant communities.

Conversation Starters

Every book has a series of unique discussion questions affixed to the inside back cover. Those questions walk readers (of all ages) through a conversation about commonalities, immigration, welcoming, and belonging. Regardless of the readers’ comfort or experience with discussing race, religion, or other cultural differences, the questions support and guide the reader.

Additionally, an online toolkit provides programming guides and educational guides to lead larger conversations.

Book Processing

Each book is processed for durability and to highlight the mission. Each book is highlighted with a cover sticker with “I’m Your Neighbor” in 10 languages, a spine label and a bookplate with the Welcoming Library’s mission statement and your customized message. Finally, each book jacket is wrapped in mylar.

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