Welcoming Library: Traveling Collection

Curated Picture Book Collection, Conversation Starters & Pop-up Display—Designed to Travel Between Locations

The Welcoming Library: Traveling Collection arrives in two red crates. In one crate is a collection of 30 acclaimed Immigrant and New Generation picture books with our embedded Discussion Questions. In the other crate is a pop-up book display that allows you to display the books together. While it can live in a single space, it was designed to be a shared resource and travel between locations.

The project was officially commended by the American Association of School Librarians for “building a stronger culture of welcoming and belonging by providing access to a traveling library of children’s books featuring new arrivals and new Americans” and the IYNB staff were named Boston Globe Everyday Heroes for creating it.

Your Welcoming Library: Traveling Collection will include:

    • 30 Acclaimed Picture Books featuring the experiences of modern-day Immigrant and 1st-through—3rd Generation families selected to best match your demographics.
    • Discussion Questions affixed to the back endpapers to allow any reader to have an in-depth, informed conversation about commonalities, differences, welcoming, and belonging, regardless of the reader’s experience and comfort with such conversations.
    • Book Processing that highlights the mission of the collection, including a cover sticker with the phrase  “I’m Your Neighbor” written in 10 languages, a spine label, a bookplate with the mission statement and your custom messaging, and mylar book covers.
    • Pop-up Display Unit with Banner which adapts to any space to both highlight the books and draw attention to the mission. The handmade wooden display disassembles for packing and shipping between locations.
    • Two Totes to move and ship books, the display, and all support materials between your locations.
    • Online Toolkit to assist each new site and “ambassador” with set-up, circulation, marketing, programming, and educational opportunities.
    • Consultation with the IYNB staff on implementation, addition of books reflecting your community, and customization of materials. (Up to 4 hours.)
    • New Discussion Materials as we release them so you can add to and change up your book collection over time.
    • Ongoing Innovations and national marketing.

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Pricing & Funding

Explore our sample language, images, outcomes, and budgets to share with potential donors and grant organizations. We can also provide you with a customized online fundraiser.

Cost: $2500.