Reserve a Welcoming Library

The Welcoming Library is designed to loan to schools, libraries, and community centers within a district, state, or other region. There may be a Welcoming Library within your region that you can borrow free of charge. Look for free, nationally touring collections in Fall 2022.


Connecticut (Newtown Collection)

Reserve for your Newtown Area school or community event.
Contact: Alana Bennison, C.H. Booth Library

Connecticut (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Connecticut school or public library.
Contact: Kymberlee Powe, Connecticut State Library

Iowa (Keystone Area Education Agency Collections)

Reserve for your Keystone Area Education Agency-affiliated school.
Contact: Sarah Brincks, Keystone Area Education Agency

Kentucky (Jackson County Public Library Collection)

Reserve for your Jackson County school or community event.
Contact: Ashley Wagers, Jackson County Public Library

Maine (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Maine school, library, or community group.
Contact: Kate Cutko, Bowdoinham Public Library

Maine (Civil Rights Teams Collection)

Reserve for your Maine Civil Rights Team.
Contact: Nicole Rancourt, Maine Humanities Council

Massachusetts (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Massachusetts public library or school.
Contact: Christi Farrar, Massachusetts Library System

New Hampshire (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your New Hampshire public library or school.
Contact: Deborah Dutcher, New Hampshire State Library

New Hampshire (Southern NH Collection)

Reserve for your Merrimack, Hillsborough, or Rockingham county public library.
Contact: Deb Hoadley, Sandown Public Library

New York (Capitol Region BOCES Collections)

Reserve for your Capitol Region BOCES member school.
Contact: Annesley Gersztoff, Capitol Region BOCES

New York (Upper Hudson Library System Collections)

Reserve for your Upper Hudson Library System member library.
Contact: Mary Fellows, Upper Hudson Library System

Oregon (State Collections)

Reserve for your Oregon public library or community group.
Contact: Greta Bergquist, Oregon State Library

Rhode Island (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Rhode Island Public Library.
Contact: Danielle Margarida, Office of Library & Information Services

Vermont (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Vermont school or library.
Contact: Jonathan Clark,Vermont Department of Libraries

Vermont (Manchester Community Library Collections)

Reserve for your Manchester-area school or community group.
Contact: Deborah Hansen, Manchester Community Library

Vermont (Windham County Collection)

Reserve for your Windham County school, library, or community group.
Contact: Lindsay Bellville, Brooks Memorial Library

Virginia (Statewide Collections)

Reserve for your Virginia school, library, or community group.
Contact: Jeanne Trabulsi, Refugee Dolls


Langley, BC (Citywide Collections)

Reserve for your Langley school, library, or community group.
Contact: Langley Children