Canadian Connection

A Sky-Blue Bench

by Bahram Rahman

Age 04 or older

Community: Afghan/Afghan American

Badir and the Beaver

by Shannon Stewart

Age 06 or older

Community: Tunisian/Tunisian American

In My Mosque

by M. O. Yuksel

Age 04 and older

Community: Muslim/Muslim American

Living with Viola

by Rosena Fung

Age 09 or older

Community: Chinese/Chinese American, Indian/Indian American


by Marie-Louise Gay

Age 05 or older

Community: Afghan/Afghan American, Syrian/Syrian American, Unspecified (Middle Eastern), Unspecified (South Asian)

My Day with Gong Gong

by Sennah Yee

Age 04 or older

Community: Chinese/Chinese American

Salma the Syrian Chef

by Danny Ramadan

Age 04 or older

Community: Syrian/Syrian American, Various

Twice As Perfect

by Louisa Onome

Age 14 or older

Community: Nigerian/Nigerian American