Moroccan/Moroccan American

Nowhere Boy

by Katherine Marsh

Age 09 or older

Themes: Allyship, Award Winner, Cross-Group Friendship, Education & Literacy, Engagement Tool: Discussion, Engagement Tool: I'm Your Neighbor Books Created, Family Separation: By Detention, Family Separation: On Journey, Recommended: "Cartography" Companion Reads, Refugee Journey, Refugee: War/Conflict, Religious Background: Muslim, Starred Review, Trauma & Healing: Death of Family or Friend, Unaccompanied Minors, Welcoming by Individual

The Day Saida Arrived

by Susana Gomez Redondo

Age 03 or older

Themes: Award Winner, Bilingual Book: Arabic/English, Cross-Group Friendship, Immigrant: Education, Multilingual Character

The Garden of My Imaan

by Farhana Zia

Age 08 or older

Themes: Celebrations: Ramadan & Eid, Cross-Group Friendship, Multiracial Identity, Religious Background: Muslim