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…Miron’s life in Ukraine is happy until a war breaks out.

A Refugee’s Journey from Ukraine

Written by Ellen Rodger
Published by Crabtree Publishing Company

Imagine having to leave your homeland because you are not safe. You must leave most of your friends, family, and belongings behind. Leaving My Homeland helps explain why some people must flee their country, and the challenges they face as refugees. Inspired by the accounts of many refugees, each book follows a story of a child and his or her family, explaining facts about their homeland and its people along the way. A Refugee’s Journey from Ukraine, Miron’s life in Ukraine is happy until a war breaks out. Surrounded by political instability and increasing violence, Miron and his family decide to flee to find safety in a more stable part of Ukraine. But he and his family aren’t sure if they can find true safety within their country.

Primary ISBN: 9780778746898
Available As: Hardcover, Paperback
Middle Grade, Age 08 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: ,

Setting: Ukraine

Character’s New Arrival/New American Status: Refugee

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