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“This title will have readers scrambling, recipe in hand, to their kitchens or a South Asian restaurant for a taste of biryani… Anni’s plucky vivaciousness and a heartwarming resolution will leave readers smiling.”

Anni Dreams of Biryani

Written by Namita Moolani Mehra
Illustrated by Chaaya Prabhat
Published by Amazon Publishing

The café across the street from Anni’s home in Little India makes the best biryani in the world. Fluffy and fragrant, spicy and succulent—Anni could eat it every day. In fact, Anni loves that biryani so much that she’s determined to uncover the secret to the recipe. She has so many questions for Uncle, the grumpy chef and owner of the café. But he isn’t providing any easy clues. So, with some careful planning, Anni sets out on a mission to find out the secret ingredients to this most special dish. Will Anni get the answers she’s looking for…before it’s too late?

Primary ISBN: 9781542030410
Publication Date: September 2022
Available As: Hardcover
Picture Book, Age 04 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: , ,

Setting: Unspecified

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Unknown

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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