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“While this is clearly a much-needed story that effectively captures the experience faced by many immigrant families, its themes are relevant to all children.” –Kirkus Reviews

Let’s Go See Papa

Written by Lawrence Schimel
Illustrated by Alba Marina Rivera
Published by Groundwood Books

The little girl in this story likes Sundays best of all it’s the day her father calls. She hasn’t seen him for over a year because he works far away across the ocean in the United States. She writes in her notebook every day, keeping a record of everything that happens to share with him when she finally sees him again. And she thinks about the fun they used to have when he was home taking their dog Kika to the park and buying freshly baked bread together. Then one Sunday her father asks if she and her mother would like to join him, and she’s surprised by her mixed feelings. It means leaving her grandmother, her friends . . . and Kika behind. This is a powerful story from a young child’s perspective about what it’s like to have an absent parent and to have to leave your home, country and those you love for a new life.

Primary ISBN: 9781554981069
Available As: Hardcover. Paperback
Publication Status: Hardcover Out of Print
Picture Book, Age 08 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: ,

Setting: Unspecified (South/Central America)

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Immigrant

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