Resistance: My Story of Activism

Written by Frantzy Luzincourt and Zainab Nasrati (Editor), Zoe Rosenblum, Amanda Uhle (Editor), Dave Eggers (Editor)
Published by Norton Young Readers

A young activist opens a window for young readers into his fight for equal education, racial justice, and economic equity.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, to Haitian immigrants, Frantzy Luzincourt has dedicated his life to service and the empowerment of youth voices. When he was fifteen, Frantzy became the founding president of his high school’s Black Student Union, where he advocated for more Black male teachers and for bringing social justice into school curriculum. Frantzy now fights to ensure that all students, no matter their background, have access to equitable schools where young voices are championed. After the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Frantzy and his friends formed the Strategy for Black Lives coalition, which centers youth voices and mobilizes communities to fight against racism, discrimination, and inequity. His passion for education and criminal justice reform are integral to his identity as a young Black man.

With a voice that is both accessible and engaging, Frantzy brings forward a captivating first-person account of determination, activism, and empowerment in America. The I, Witness series delivers compelling narrative nonfiction by young people, for young people.

Primary ISBN: 9781324016694
Available As: Hardcover, Audiobook, eBook
Memoir, Age 09 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: , , , , ,

Setting: United States (Brooklyn, NY)

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: 1st Generation

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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