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“The delicately poetic story subtly alludes to an immigrant experience of hard work and adapting to a new culture, but it also offers hope that old customs will continue to have a purpose in our rapidly changing world. A uniquely beautiful story that may appeal to slightly older readers.”
School Library Journal


Written by Yevgenia Nayberg
Illustrated by Yevgenia Nayberg
Published by Creative Company, The

A neglected Russian typewriter clicks, clacks, and rings to life with a new owner.

Primary ISBN: 9781568463445
Publication Date: February 2020
Available As: Hardback
Picture Book , Age 06 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: , , ,

Setting: United States

Character’s New Arrival/New American Status: Immigrant

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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