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“Budhos vividly portrays the fear and confusion many undocumented families experienced after the implementation of Trump-era asylum and immigration policies while also unflinchingly detailing the tensions and secrets within Rania’s family. As Rania learns more about her mother’s mysterious past, she realizes that solidarity and community are both essential tools for freedom as vulnerable people seek the right to a safe haven. A triumphant tale about finding home.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

We Are All We Have

Written by Marina Budhos
Published by Random House Children's Books

Seventeen-year-old Rania is shaken awake in her family’s apartment in Brooklyn. ICE is at the door, taking her mother away. But Ammi has done everything right, hasn’t she? Their asylum case is fine.

This was supposed to be Rania’s greatest summer: hanging out with her best friend, Fatima, and getting ready for college in the fall.
But it’s 2019, and nothing is certain.

Now, along with her younger brother, Kamal, and a new friend, Carlos, Rania must figure out how to survive. A road trip leads to searching for answers to questions she didn’t even think to ask.

In this vivid exploration of what happens when the country you have put your hopes into is fast shutting down, award-winning author Marina Budhos shows us how one girl bursting with dreams navigates secrets, love, and the lure of the open road.

Primary ISBN: 9780593120200
Available As: Hardcover, Audiobook, eBook
Young Adult, Age 12 or older

Community Represented: ,

Themes: , , , , ,


Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: 1st Generation

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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