Ethiopian/Ethiopian American

A Thirst for Home: A Story of Water across the World

by Christine Ieronimo

Age 08 or older

Themes: Adoption, Family Relationship: Parents, Family Separation: Living with Other Family or Friends

Of Beetles and Angels: A Boy’s Remarkable Journey from a Refugee Camp to Harvard

by Mawi Asgedom

Age 10 or older

Themes: Audiobook, Education & Literacy, Family Relationship: Parents, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Refugee Journey, Refugee: War/Conflict

Wherever I Go

by Mary Wagley Copp

Age 04 or older

Themes: Audiobook, Family Relationship: Parents, Refugee Camp, Refugee: War/Conflict, Welcoming Library: Core Picture Books (Current)

Yosef’s Dream

by Sylvia Rouss

Age 05 or older

Themes: Cultural Empowerment, Cultural Empowerment & Joy: Identity, Genre: Historical, Immigrant: Religious Freedom, Religious Background: Jewish