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“Modern Jewish history lives through the moving voice of one participant.”
Kirkus Reviews

Yosef’s Dream

Written by Sylvia Rouss
Illustrated by Tamar Blumenfeld
Published by Behrman House, Incorporated

Now a young man in Israel, Yosef remembers his past in Ethiopia, and the dream he had as a child, in which he was given a choice. Should he climb mountains with Gazelle, never belonging anywhere? Hide in the shadows, with Hyena? Or grab hold of Eagle’s wings and be taken far, far away? Yosef chooses the last, along with his family to fly to Israel, the land of their ancestors fulfilling their long-held dream. An author’s note provides background about the Jews of Ethiopia and the 1991 rescue mission, called Operation Solomon, in which 14,000 Ethiopian Jews were flown to Israel.

Primary ISBN: 9781681155067
Publication Date: September 2016
Available As: Hardcover
Picture Book, Age 05 or older

Community Represented: ,

Themes: , , , ,

Setting: Ethiopia, Israel

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Refugee or Asylee

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