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“Finding inspiration in fantasy, history, and mythology, the book combines those elements along with a Japanese animation influence, resulting in an exhilarating adventure.[…] The art is detailed and lush, with beautiful colors throughout. Of particular note are the gorgeous showcases of water, whether in stunning waterfall images or an underwater view of the river with sunlight dappling at the surface. […] Kariba is a mystical graphic novel about magic, self-discovery, and the delicate balance between human ambition and the natural world.”
— Foreword Reviews, Starred Review


Written by Daniel Clarke and James Clarke
Illustrated by Daniel Snaddon
Published by Catalyst Press

Siku has always called the Zambezi River her home. She understands the water – and strangely enough, it seems to understand her, too, bending to her will and coming to her aid in times of need. But things are changing on the river – a great dam is being built, displacing thousands of Shonga people – and things are changing in Siku, too, as her ability to manipulate water grows out of control, and visions of a great serpent pull her further from reality and her loving father, Tongai.

When Tongai ventures to the Kariba Dam to find a cure for Siku and never returns, she sets off to find him with the help of Amedeo, the young son of Kariba’s chief engineer. Together, they traverse elephant graveyards, rugged jungles, and ancient ruins, outrunning pirates, bootleggers, and shape-shifting prophets ready to use Siku to their own advantage. But Siku soon discovers that her father has been shielding a terrible secret: Siku is actually the daughter of the Great River Spirit, Nyaminyami, and the only way to bring about the necessary rumuko – a ritual which has brought balance to the Zambezi for centuries – is for Siku to give up the only life she’s ever known.

With the future of the Shonga resting on her shoulders, Siku must journey to the source of the river to understand the ancient power hidden within her.

Primary ISBN:
Publication Date: August 2023
Available As: Paperback, eBook
Graphic Novel, Middle Grade, Age 10 or older

Community Represented:

Themes: , , , , , , ,

Setting: Zimbabwe

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: In Home Country

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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