Zimbabwean/Zimbabwean American

Hope Is Our Only Wing

Hope Is Our Only Wing

by Rutendo Tavengerwei

Age 14 or older

Themes: Family Relationship: Parents, Multiracial Identity, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Trauma & Healing: Death of Family or Friend, Visiting Home Country

Juliane’s Story: A Real-Life Account of Her Journey from Zimbabwe

by Andy Glynne

Age 05 or older

Themes: Family Separation: On Journey, Immigrant: Reunion of Family, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Refugee Journey, Refugee: War/Conflict

Now is the Time for Running

by Michael Williams

Age 09 or older

Themes: Discrimination: Racial, Family Relationship: Siblings, Loss of Childhood, Refugee Journey, Refugee: War/Conflict, Trauma & Healing: Death of Family or Friend