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“This collection of stories written by immigrant children is a window into understanding the immigrant experience from a child’s point of view.”
Professionally Speaking 

Our New Home: Immigrant Children Speak

Written by Emily Hearn and Marywinn Milne (Editors)
Published by Second Story Press

From the diverse cultures of Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Guyana, Somalia, and others, immigrant children write of the fear, the excitement and challenge of moving to another world and forging a new sense of self in a new land.

Children include:
Ikram Mohamed- Somalia
Abiram Surendra- Sri Lanka 
Akshay Galia- India
Aneria Nanvaty- India 
Asad Siddiqui- Pakistan 
Ai Makino-Japan 
Sidra Amjed- Pakistan 
Celine Ooi- Malaysia 
Eric Tran- Cambodia
John Thai- Vietnam 
Justica Adjetey- Ghana
Dinesh- Guyana 
Melody Nguyen- Vietnam 
Andrew Chung- South Korea
Paravinthan- Sri Lanka 
Jathusa Kasinathar- Sri Lanka/Germany 
Shirley Luong- China 
Edward Chow- Vietnam

Primary ISBN:
Publication Date: October 2007
Available As: Paperback
Nonfiction, Memoir, Age 08 or older

Community Represented: , , , , , , , , , , ,

Themes: , , , ,

Setting: Various

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Immigrant, Refugee, 1st Generation

Book Creator(s) Connection to the Community Represented: Own Voices/Lived Experience

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