Malaysian/Malaysian American

Nana, Nenek & Nina

by Liza Ferneyhough

Age 4 or older

Themes: Award Winner: Youth Media Awards 2023, Family Relationship: Grandparents, Generation: 1st, Multiracial Identity, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Visiting Home Country

Our New Home: Immigrant Children Speak

by Emily Hearn

Age 08 or older

Themes: Anthology, Cultural Empowerment & Joy: Storytelling, Generation: 1st, Multilingual Character, Own Voices/Lived Experience

Queen of the Tiles

by Hanna Alkaf

Age 12 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Friendship, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Trauma & Healing: Death of Family or Friend

The American Dream?: A Journey on Route 66 Discovering Dinosaur Statues, Muffler Men, and the Perfect Breakfast Burrito

by Shin Yin Khor

Age 12 or older

Themes: Animals, Award Winner, Cultural Empowerment & Joy: Identity, Cultural Empowerment & Joy: Storytelling, Discrimination: Racial, Genre: Humor, Graphic Novel, Immigrant: Economic, Own Voices/Lived Experience