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“This specific story of a household gaining a new member is told in a broadly applicable way that will feel familiar to many families. Warmth and love shine through this tale of intergenerational bonding.”
Kirkus Reviews

The Care and Keeping of Grandmas

Written by Jennifer Mook-Sang
Illustrated by Yong Ling Kang
Published by Tundra

It can be discombobulating for all involved when a grandma moves in permanently. Fortunately, our narrator has gone through it and has LOTS of tips on how to make your grandma feel at home.

In a story filled with humor, confusion and moments of sweetness, Jennifer Mook-Sang introduces us to a delightful family dynamic and a grandma who doesn’t really need the help settling in but appreciates it anyway. As Grandma goes about her days, her well-meaning granddaughter sees her caring for her plants, and makes sure that Grandma is getting the proper care too.

Primary ISBN: 9780735271340
Publication Date: April 2023
Available As: Hardcover, eBook
Picture Book, Age 03 or older

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Setting: Unspecified

Character's Place in the Immigration Journey: Unknown Arrival

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