Bangladeshi/Bangladeshi American

Ask Me No Questions

by Marina Budhos

Age 12 or older

Themes: Detention, Family Relationship: Siblings, Family Separation: By Detention, Immigrant: Undocumented, Own Voices/Lived Experience

Beautifully Me

by Nabela Noor

Age 4 or older

Themes: Bilingual Character, Body Image, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health, Own Voices/Lived Experience

Counting Down With You

by Tashie Bhuiyan

Age 12 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Dating, Cross-Group Friendship, Family Relationship: Parents, Generation: 1st, Generational Differences: Dating, LGBTQIA+, Own Voices/Lived Experience

Piece by Piece: The Story of Nisrin’s Hijab

by Priya Huq

Age 10 or older

Themes: Discrimination: Racial, Discrimination: Religious, Family Relationship: Grandparents, Family Relationship: Parents, Food & Culture, Multiracial Identity, Own Voices/Lived Experience

The Battle

by Karuna Riazi

Age 08 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Friendship

The Gauntlet

by Karuna Riazi

Age 09 or older

Themes: Own Voices/Lived Experience, Religious Background: Muslim

The Henna Wars

by Adiba Jaigirdar

Age 14 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Dating, Discrimination: Racial, Family Relationship: Parents, Family Relationship: Siblings, Generational Differences: Gender Roles, LGBTQIA+, Religious Background: Muslim

The Katha Chest

by Radhiah Chowdhury

Age 04 or older

Themes: Celebration & Commemoration, Family Relationship: Grandparents

Today I’m Strong

by Nadiya Hussain

Age 3 or older

Themes: Own Voices/Lived Experience, Welcoming by School