Kurdish/Kurdish American

Finding Kurdistan: A Kurdish Iranian American’s Journey Home

by Hawreh Haddadi

Age 16 or older

Themes: Family Relationship: Parents, Generation: 1st, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Refugee: Persecution, Refugee: War/Conflict, Visiting Home Country

Lailah’s Lunchbox

by Reem Faruqi

Age 06 or older

Themes: Celebrations: Ramadan, Religious Background: Muslim, Welcoming by Individual

Navid’s Story

by Andy Glynne

Age 05 or older

Themes: Family Separation: On Journey, Refugee Journey, Refugee: Persecution

No Safe Place

by Deborah Ellis

Age 12 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Friendship, Human Rights Violation: Trafficking, Migrant Smuggling, Refugee: Undocumented, Refugee: War/Conflict, Trauma & Healing: Death of Family or Friend

The Elephant in the Room

by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Age 10 or older

Themes: Cross-Group Friendship, Family Relationship: Parents, Family Separation: On Journey, Generation: 2nd, Own Voices/Lived Experience, Refugee: Asylee