Black Books Matter

As the country rings with the truth, “Black Lives Matter,” we all must work within our own spheres and communities to manifest that truth.

“I was born in Nigeria, a country whose identity is deeply tied to its colonization and oppression by the British. After 20 years of living in America, I know that this is my fight, too, and I’m encouraged that many more African immigrants recognize the truth as well. While we share the history of being subjected to white supremacy, we enjoy the privilege of not having the trauma of slavery and systemic racism passed down through generations. Ultimately, we know that injustice against black people anywhere is injustice against us everywhere.”
—Ike Edeani, “Self-Portraits From Black Photographers Reflecting on America,”New York Times

I’m Your Neighbor Books believes a good deal of that truth can come from reading, sharing, and engaging with books reflecting Black Immigrant Lives. When you Browse by Community on our site you can find collections of books featuring the lives of Nigerian Americans, Somali Americans, Ghanaian Americans, Sudanese Americans, Haitian Americans and more.

Dr. Krista Aronson, I’m Your Neighbor Books’ Board Member and Founder and Director of Diverse BookFinder, serves in both capacities as partner to Indigo Arts Alliance’s Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book Festival. Listen as Dr. Aronson explains from a psychological viewpoint why Black Books Matter.

How can you manifest Black Books Matter and Black Immigrant Lives Matter in your sphere and community?

Consider supporting the work of the Beautiful Blackbird Children’s Book Festival, a project supported by I’m Your Neighbor Books.