Use in Schools

Stories of New Americans for Young Listeners: Audiobook Narrator Readings & Discussion

AudioFile Magazine and I’m Your Neighbor Books hosted live readings and discussion of New Arrival and New American novels with audiobook narrators. Hear Anthony Rey Perez read from and discuss Adrianna Cuevas’ The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez. Explore the audio at Dreamscape. Hear Priya Ayyar read from and discuss Supriya Kelkar’s American as Paneer… Read more »

Asian American Book Collections Given to National Elementary Schools

In the last year Asian Americans reported 3,795+ incidents of hate to the organization Stop AAPI Hate —incidents were 2.3 times greater for women. At least 6 Asian American women lost their lives to this unchecked hatred. Hate and discrimination thrive on false narratives, on “othering” our neighbors. I’m Your Neighbor Books puts new narratives… Read more »

What Do Immigrant Kids Think of the Program?

“What do immigrant kids think of the program?” —Curry College Student This was the final question that was asked of Welcoming Library co-founder Kate Cutko and Executive Director Kirsten Cappy. They were speaking to Kathy McDonough‘s Children’s Literature: Gateway to the World class about the founding of I’m Your Neighbor Books and the Welcoming Library…. Read more »

Muslim Student Reads Aloud and Fellow Students Cheer


The Welcoming Library was hosted by Maine’s LearningWorks for five weeks in the summer of 2018 to serve their summer school programming. When the I’m Your Neighbor team went to pick up the collection on the final day of summer school, an educator recounted this story. She was reading the picture book My Friend Jamal… Read more »

Welcoming Library Changing How We Teach Immigration

Many schools that have hosted the Welcoming Library have reworked the way they study immigration. Ellis Island is now joined by modern immigration from the Sudan, Syria, and Central America thanks to exposure to these picture books and companion materials. “4th grade teachers had the opportunity to look at all the books and choose which… Read more »

School Builds on Rolling Cart for Classroom Visits


Greeley Middle School in Cumberland, Maine built the book display on a cart (brilliant!) to allow the principal to roll the Welcoming Library into a new classroom each morning. “14 classrooms each had the library for a day and teachers gave students dedicated time to browse and read.” —A Welcoming Library School Ambassador