Welcoming Boxes

Maine Citizen Gives In Honor of 2nd Grade Teacher


  I’m Your Neighbor Books launched their Welcoming Book Boxes fundraiser at Portland, Maine’s ArtWalk. The first person to give was an excellent Maine citizen who said, “anything with kids and books is good.” He asked that his donation honor, “my 2nd grade teacher Debbie Rosenberg who taught me to read.” Portland educator, Debbie Rosenberg,… Read more »

Welcoming Book Boxes for Maine’s Asylee Children


Families took a long and dangerous journey from the DRC, Angola, and other countries, across the ocean, through the mountains and jungles of Central America and Mexico, and to the southern U.S. border. Hearing that Portland, Maine was welcoming to asylum seekers and that the city had a small African immigrant community, over 300 Africans… Read more »