Welcoming Library

Amjambo Africa & Many Voices

I’m Your Neighbor Books is proud to have been profiled by Amjambo Africa. We had a wide-ranging conversation about the powers of telling the “many voices” of our African neighbors through books. Amjambo Africa! is a news service that helps New Mainers thrive and helps Maine welcome and benefit from our new neighbors. The print… Read more »

What Do Immigrant Kids Think of the Program?

“What do immigrant kids think of the program?” —Curry College Student This was the final question that was asked of Welcoming Library co-founder Kate Cutko and Executive Director Kirsten Cappy. They were speaking to Kathy McDonough‘s Children’s Literature: Gateway to the World class about the founding of I’m Your Neighbor Books and the Welcoming Library…. Read more »

Events: Welcoming Immigrants with Children’s Literature


WELCOMING IMMIGRANTS WITH CHILDREN’S LITERATURE   Saturday, November 10, 2018 11:00 AM Harlow Gallery Hallowell, Maine Sunday, November 18, 2018 4:00 PM PRINT: A Bookstore Portland, Maine Book advocate Kirsten Cappy and author-illustrator Anne Sibley O’Brien will share the project they co-founded, I’m Your Neighbor Books, a project encouraging communities to welcome immigrants, refugees, and… Read more »

I’m Your Neighbor on the Lifelines Podcast


  I’m Your Neighbor is honored that the The Lifelines: Books That Bridge the Divide Podcast featured the Welcoming Library and that they highlighted immigration children’s literature in Episode 7. Look for the episode on author Ann Braden’s site, Stitcher, or iTunes. Podcasters and authors Saadia Faruqi and Ann Braden believe: – That there is… Read more »

Welcoming Library Webinar for Maine Libraries


Librarian Kate Cutko and Kirsten Cappy of I’m Your Neighbor will be sharing the Welcoming Library in a Maine State Library webinar for Maine librarians. Welcoming Library Wednesday, October 24, 2018 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM Open to: Maine Library Community Libraries and schools all over the state are having pop-up community conversations about immigration…. Read more »