I’m Your Neighbor Books: Job Opening (Applications Closed)

Welcoming Library Project Manager

We are no longer accepting applications for this opening. Thank you for your interest!

Primary Responsibility: To manage the day-to-day promotion and management of I’m Your Neighbor Books’ Welcoming Library project—collections of children’s books and discussion materials that seek to transform the conversation on immigration.

Supervisor: Executive Director Kirsten Cappy

Work Week: Full time (35 hours)

Position: Salaried, $40,000/year.
Federal Fair Labor Standards Act Exempt. The employee is not eligible for overtime payment, but will receive comp time.

Location: Portland, Maine.
While staff may occasionally work  remotely, the majority of the work is in our Portland office.

Overview: I’m Your Neighbor Books (IYNB) is seeking a detail-oriented, proactive individual to serve as our Welcoming Library Project Manager. Through the Welcoming Library (WL) and other projects,  IYNB strives to build a stronger America, one where immigrants are welcomed and where first-through-third-generation Americans truly belong. This goal is met by facilitating deep engagement with the children’s books that represent our New Arrival and New American communities.

Job Description:   The Welcoming Library Project Manager will support the growth of the Welcoming Library (WL) with the development and maintenance of operational and communication systems. By taking the lead on relationships with interested schools, libraries, and community groups, the Project Manager will promote the WL’s strengths and components and manage the school, library, or group’s ultimate WL customization. The Project Manager will be responsible for maintaining inventory and ordering materials and books for the production of outgoing WL as well as assembly and shipping of those WL. In addition to creating opportunities for new WL sales, the Project Manager will develop and maintain the systems for the free and national collections that will circulate from the IYNB office. While creation of the WL’s educational materials will rest with the Executive Director, the Project Manager may collaborate on innovations and opportunities.

We are looking to hire: A detail oriented, highly motivated individual who has the organizational skills to create lasting systems for Welcoming Library (WL) fulfillment while remaining operationally flexible as the project grows. This individual should also have the communication skills to serve our ever-expanding WL school and library community and to work with the nonprofit’s team, partners, and volunteers. This individual should also have a passion for building welcoming environments for new arrivals and their new generations and a commitment to listen to and support the diverse communities we serve.

Activities May Include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Designing and maintaining Welcoming Library (WL) operations for component inventory, assembly, and delivery.
  • Supporting WL sales by communicating with interested parties, managing customization, and providing updates throughout the party’s WL’s development.
  • Managing quotes, invoices, and payment tracking for WL sales.
  • Facilitating  retention and retrieval of WL records.
  • Creating and maintaining systems and communications for booking, scheduling, and shipping of the organization’s free and national touring WL.
  • Creating opportunities for volunteers to take part in the production of the WL in a manner which both maintains standards and builds relationships.
  • Keeping the Executive Director informed by reviewing and analyzing best practices for efficient operations and innovations.
  • Collaborating with the Executive Director on the development of new tools to make the WL a richer experience for each host location.
  • Working with the Executive Director to maintain WL budgets by helping track expenditures, analyzing variances, and suggesting corrective actions.
Growing anti-racist and equitable language and understanding as it pertains to immigrants and their new generations.
  • Integrating our mission and values in all tasks.

Desired Abilities and Knowledge:

  • Experience planning, implementing, and adapting systems including inventory, shipping, and billing.
  • Ability to regularly and safely lift up to 50 lbs.
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Apple equipment.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
Knowledge or curiosity about how schools and libraries integrate new materials like the Welcoming Library (WL).
  • Experience working with diverse constituencies in a way that honors both their skills and identities.

IYNB is an EEO Employer committed to a racially just, equitable, and inclusive workspace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, gender identity, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, or marital status.

Candidates from immigrant and new generation communities are encouraged to bring their lived experience as well as working expertise to this position.

The salary for this position is $40,000/year
. IYNB also provides:

  • 10 days of individually-selected holidays as paid time off
  • 15 days of combined personal, sick, or vacation time
  • $2,000 annually in QSEHRA insurance premium, medical, dental, vision, wellness, therapy, and/or pharmacy reimbursement

Application Details

We are no longer accepting applications for this opening. Thank you for your interest!