I’m Your Neighbor, Portland

I'm Your Neighbor Portland

STORIES build understanding.

UNDERSTANDING builds neighborhoods.

NEIGHBORHOODS build a strong city.

I’m Your Neighbor is currently piloting a community-wide read in the city of Portland, Maine. I’m Your Neighbor, Portland features nine books, both fiction and non-fiction, set in Maine and written by regional authors.  The collection of books feature multicultural friendships and immigration stories that reflect shifts in Portland’s cultural makeup, with immigrants and refugees coming from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia over the last 30 years. Throughout 2013, Portland’s new arrivals and long-term residents will come together to read and discuss books and to attend related cultural events.

Learn more about the project, books and events at www.ImYourNeighborPortland.org

The nine books are: A Path of Stars, Bread Song, I Remember Warm Rain, Moon Watchers, My Friend Jamal, New Mainers, Out of Nowhere, Something About America, and The Good Braider.