New Guide: Engaging Children in a Conversation on Immigration, Welcoming, and Belonging.

I’m Your Neighbor Books offers this updated guide to having conversations on immigration, welcoming, and belonging.

I’m New Here tells the story of how three resilient immigrant students (from Guatemala, Somalia, and Korea) strive to belong. Someone New tells the story of how three longterm students (two White, one African American) strive to make the immigrant students welcome.

These classroom, library, or home learning tools include:

Readers Theater
The two books have interwoven narratives. To explore the interplay of belonging and welcoming in the two stories, consider looking at the books side by side. We have created a Readers Theater Script to choreograph this interplay.

Scripted Conversation
Whether you use the verbatim script or not, the progressive conversation gives you ideas to examine the commonality of being NEW, explore what it feels like to feel “DIFFERENT”, understand that being NEW and DIFFERENT can make someone feel like they do not BELONG, and discover that we all have a role in WELCOMING immigrants and refugees into our schools and communities.

Movement Game
A shared space of welcoming and belonging happens when steps are taken by the new arrival and the “already here” members of the community. This open-ended movement game allows readers to role play challenges and actions that move communities closer together.

I’m Your Neighbor Signs
The phrase, “I’m your neighbor” is one you could say to anyone in your neighborhood. Whether you are new or have been in the neighborhood a long time, the phrase will make a connection. We offer a cut-out speech bubble and the phrase in 10 languages to copy into that bubble.

More Ways to Welcome
We include a list of fundraising and simple tasks to help immigrants and refugees —including expanding your collection of books.

Download the Guide to Engaging Children in a Conversation on Immigration, Welcoming, and Belonging.