The Day War Came: Discussion Guide

I’m Your Neighbor Books was honored to be asked by Candlewick Press to produce a Discussion Guide for The Day War Came by Nicola Davies and illustrated by Rebecca Cobb (Candlewick Press).

In 2016, the United Kingdom refused to welcome 3,000 children who had no families—children just like the girl you read about. The United States continues to lower the number of refugees it will accept into the country. There is no war in the United Kingdom or the United States, but the girl might say the “war had gotten here too.” Do you feel like she is right? Is it like war to not help? How can you help?
—Discussion Guide for The Day War Came

DOWNLOAD the Discussion Guide.

Our thanks to Marge Pell from Owl & Panther for reviewing the guide and making valuable comments about trauma and war refugees.  Owl & Panther seeks to find a balance of peace and harmony between all cultures and among refugee children and their families. We offer refugee families opportunities for personal expression, enhanced self-esteem, validation of self-worth, and ways of connection to others.