Amina’s Song: Celebrating Author Hena Khan with Webinar


Amina’s Song: Raising Your Voice for New American Literature & Students: Webinar for Educators and Librarians

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
7:00 – 8:15 PM (EST)
Zoom Webinar

Educators and Librarians are invited to meet  author Hena Khan for an evening to celebrate the release of the Pakistani American middle grade novel Amina’s Song, the follow-up to the award-winning Amina’s Voice.

Purchase Hena Khan’s books from Print: A Bookstore.

Co-hosts I’m Your Neighbor Books, DiversifiED, and Print: A Bookstore are proud to host an event that explores the connected novels and the role of New Arrival and New American fiction in our schools and libraries.

After a reading and interview with Hena Khan, Louise El Yaafouri of Diversifi-ED, a school Emergent Lingual & Cultural Competency Consultant, will share strategies for fully including Muslim literature in the classroom. Following, Kirsten Cappy of I’m Your Neighbor Books will share ways your bookshelves and read aloud’s can reflect the diversity that the last 50 years of immigration have created.

Thanks to a donation from the family of educator Kimberley Gorelik Moran, I’m Your Neighbor Books gave away 50 individual copies of Amina’s Song (with a signed bookplates) to those who registered early.

The event is still open for attendees…


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      I cannot wait to talk about these books that I love!