Luli and the Language of Tea + Little Red Cup Tea: Giveaway Winners

In Andrea Wang’s new picture book Luli and the Language of Tea, young Luli brings together a classroom of multilingual students by brewing and sharing a pot of tea. Inviting her classmates with a shout of “Tea!” in Chinese, the other students respond in Russian, Hindi, Turkish, Persian, Arabic, Spanish, German, Swahili, and Portuguese with their own words for the global drink.

Now everyone had a share.
Hands curled around warm cups.
Mouths curved into shy smiles.

In these worrying times when so many want to rewrite teaching, we find comfort in how Luli’s classmates learn from one another through the passing of “warm cups” and “shy smiles.” This is the classroom so many educators create—one where everyone has a voice and everyone belongs.

I’m Your Neighbor Books partnered with Little Red Cup to offer Luli and the Language of Tea and a box of sumptuous tea samples to four US educators or librarians.

We raise a cup you, dear winners.

  • East End Community School (Portland, Maine)
  • Pickens County Library System (Easley, South Carolina)
  • Uplift Education (Irving, Texas)
  • South Burlington Public Library (South Burlington, Vermont)


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